Beckett Cross

Fallen Nighthunter


Found under the bridge at Beckett Cross intersection in Gotham, the man who was to become Night Hunter 5 was taken in by Alfred Pennyworth at the age 4 years old, and, as is the custom for the Night Hunters, trained ever since. He quickly overcame the other acolytes training in the cave, seeing active field work at the age of 16, only two years older than the legendary Night Hunter 1. Night Hunters 1,4 and 5 were critical to the Liberation of the East Coast. Their activities were so successful that Fisk hired tha hand to test the effectiveness of the Night Hunters.

The Hand were more than anything Beckett and his compatriots had faced before. Their combination of brutal efficiency and fanatical disregard for their own lives pressed the night Hunters close to their breaking point. The Death Knell to their order was when Night Hunter 1 betrayed them, seduced by the superior power of the Hand. The ninjas spirited him away to their fortress in Japan, while their grunts continued to siege Gotham.

Not content to get picked off one by one, and having already buried three of his brothers and sisters, beckett cofnronted Alfred. A grim compromise was formed between them. Night Hunters did not murder, and to take action that would invariably lead to the death of your opponent is unacceptable to their mission. However, Night Hunter 1 could not be aloud to betray the order and survive. Beckett chose exile in exchange for the chance to aveng the brotherhood. He arrived in Japan, and killed his way through fifty hand Ninjas, cutting his way to the leaders of the hand, and slaying Night Hunter 1 in their inner sanctum. He then attempted to lay waste to the Hand elders, despite the sure death that the release of their tainted souls would have brought him. Stick of the Chaste intervened, dragging the young Night Hunter away from the Invisible Temple.

Stick and his chaste warriors took Beckett under their wing, and trained him for over a year, never betraying their nature or purpose to him. At the conclusion of that year, Beckett returned to Gotham, and resumed the crusade against the criminals of the East Coast, aiding the brotherhood even in exile.

Having been forced to accept that he needs cash flow to maintain his efforts, Beckett has become a bail recovery officer, cashing in on his vigilantism.

Beckett Cross

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