Gabriella Kasemeier


Gabriella is the mortal offspring of the legendary Spawn and an Angel of little consequence.

Gabriella was born in Detroit, Michigan where she was raised by a collective group of homeless people whom she treated as family. Throughout her entire life she had no idea of her divine origins, and as a result was startled by the manifestation of her powers.

When she turned 18, her family told her the truth about her biological family. She was shocked and surprised at first, unable to wrap her mind around the fact. In panic and fear, she fled from her home on the streets of Detroit to find out more about her mysterious origins. She eventually met a friendly school teacher that seemingly understood her problems and he helped to explain her father’s deeds as well as her powers. She trained with the teacher for years honing her skill in combat both unarmed and with a sword that the teacher gave her. The sword was supposedly an heirloom from the middle ages, tempered in battle by the Vikings and kept in good condition by their descendents.

Gabriella used her powers to redeem the “fallen” of the world. She lumps common criminals into that category, feeling that everyone is evil, including herself. Gabriella struggled with the idea that her father was Spawn and the teacher only stoked her inner fire by teaching her that everyone has the potential to do great harm and evil. The teacher taught that most people do not value life or the world and as such do not deserve to be taught a lesson. Gabriella’s ideology centers around that view. She feels though, that any amount of evil can be reversed through good acts and that even the offspring of a Hellspawn can be redeemed so long as she attempts to “fix” the world as best as she can.

At the age of 25 she eventually met her father. After years of what she called “penance” she had become battle hardened against the horrors of both Heaven and Hell. She fought against the villains of Earth as well and bore scars to prove her experience. Her father, weakened by ages of conflict and war was ready to pass on his torch to the daughter he previously did not realize he even had. He separated himself from the iconic necroplasmic suit he wore since he was released from Hell. Upon doing so, he faded into dust and the suit immediately leapt to Gabriella.

Along with her entire body, Gabriella’s sword was consumed by the suit. She cried out in pain as the anguish and horror of Spawn’s life flooded her own soul and turned it pitch black. When she awoke from a two day coma, the teacher was beside her, marveling at her new power. He laughed a maniacally evil laugh and congratulated her on a job well done. He said that she no longer needed his assistance and attempted to leave, but Gabriella unconsciously reached out with her cloak and slammed him into the ground. A battle ensued leaving Gabriella nearly beat to death and the teacher limping away with just a thread of his own life left.

To this day, Gabriella has yet to encounter her mysterious mentor, but would not mind having a few select words with him. She spends every day looking for clues as to his whereabouts, as well as fighting her father’s old enemies. Despite the betrayal, she cannot shake the ideas and words that the teacher imparted upon her during their training periods. However, she lives by the self imposed responsibility not to fall further than her father did. She avoids the downward spiral to damnation, but she cannot help but waver on the road to salvation.

Gabriella Kasemeier

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